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We understand that with luxury comes the height of excellence at every level. However, while many brands have elegant visuals they struggle to express their difference and fail to make an impact.

A lack of uniqueness and inconsistent messaging, especially in this digital age, leaves your business second best to your competition and the inevitable loss of market share. This applies whether you’re an established business or brand.

The ones that win do so by understanding how they differentiate and how to align their values with the audience they wish to attract.

At ikon, our luxury branding agency can create your new brand strategy and identity to match. Our process for creating brands is helping a £5m luxury healthcare client reach their revenue target of £15m, the same process that has helped us attract attention from some of the world's most luxurious brands, Cartier being one of them.

We practice what we preach.

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A boutique & personal service

We are a boutique branding & creative agency, based in London, that delivers a personal service with talented senior creatives. The one area we specialise is luxury. From working with a luxury property client and their ultra-high net-worth clientele on super prime properties to pitching Westfield to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Richemont and Moncler, we deliver for luxury businesses at any scale.

Luxury branding with a strategic approach

First we look at your brand strategy, what is important to you, your business and target market. It often includes stakeholder & client interviews to gather key insights about your vision and what the perception already is about your brand. The fun part is typically a one day workshop with your leadership team to help you articulate what makes you different, this is all then recorded, refined and delivered as a playback book that forms the basis of your new luxury branding strategy.

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Exquisite in craft

Once your strategy is signed off, we can make more informed decisions with your identity based off the strategy. All backed up by rationale, not personal preference.

You have a matter of seconds to make the right impression so we ensure it's an impressive one. There are a lot of brand agencies that are brilliant at strategy but fall down on execution and vice-versa, there is no point in having beautiful visuals without the strategic thinking. We sit at the intersection of both, able to create a strategy that positions you as the only choice but also looks beautiful.

It’s all about you, with a little bit of us

Let’s be honest. We couldn’t do this without you - that’s just common sense. Our creative process is collaborative as we have found it works best and you are constantly updated throughout the process so the project doesn't stray off course. We make decisions together along the way.

We understand luxury and how people need to be treated to ensure a luxury experience. It's why our service is a very personal one. Our Creative Director, Alex Colley, is the best at luxury brand consulting and will work with you at every step of the project. This is not by accident, we don't take on many clients but the ones we do take on, we look after.

If you want to speak with Alex directly, you can reach him on 07796146177 or alex@ikon.london.

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Luxury and the ultimate personalisation

We put a heavy emphasis on craft and it’s why we work with some of the most talented creatives. We have a core team with an extended network of specialists chosen specifically for each project. We are in business to create branding for you to be proud of and that's not rushing through projects and quickly onto the next. It’s why we still have clients from our inception over 10 years ago.

Fit for a Queen

One of the most prestigious projects we have worked on in our time was the Queen’s Coronation Festival in collaboration with Media 10, the UK’s leading events company. This brought together some of the world's most renowned luxury brands including Bentley, Aston Martin, Burberry, Veuve Clicquot and Fortnum & Mason.

We designed the day and evening guides, presentations, screen displays, leaflets, boards and signage throughout the gardens of Buckingham Palace. Even Her Majesty received personal versions of the guides. With so many luxury brands involved at this prestigious event and with the Royal Family attending, our planning and execution had to be of the highest level and deliver branding that stood out and was consistent across every touchpoint.

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Luxury branding - Learn from the best

We recently wrote an article on luxury branding to highlight the lessons you can learn from brands who have captured the market successfully. The rise in competition and the emergence of digital have made branding even more important in this sector. With a fluctuating global economy, we also talk about how the consumer now perceives luxury and how that is changing.

McLaren, Louis Vuitton and Burberry have all used a strategic approach to navigate these hurdles, evolve their offering to capitalise on new opportunities. There are some invaluable insights you can apply to your business.

What's next?

If you are a business with at least £1m in turnover or a startup with funding, looking to create a high-value, differentiated brand identity to attract bigger and more profitable customers, send over a brief or call us to discuss your project in more detail.

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