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W11 Construction

Positioning a leader in exclusive residences


To define the new branding and design a website as beautiful and prestigious as the multi-million pound residences constructed by W11. The challenge was to execute this without the benefit of completed project photography: to convey luxury without luxury visuals.


The suggestion of prestige was achieved by showcasing the high-end materials, textures and craftsmanship that go into building these opulent residences. The final result is a well-crafted, responsive website that positions W11 as a leader in the sector and is their main marketing asset.

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With a name like W11, the use of numerals from the iconic postcode of London made immediate sense to use to signpost areas of the website to lead users through a journey. Due to the nature of the business, W11 were looking for the personal touch with a boutique agency with a keen eye for attention to detail they expect.

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responsive website design
architectural photography

We designed a bespoke responsive website to suit every screen size, optimised for every digital experience - phone, tablet, laptop and even an iMac. Built to maximise the impact of photography to evidence the scale of W11 projects. The website was designed with page speed in mind and we also implemented on page SEO.

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As W11 are in their craft, we were meticulous to ensure we caught every little detail about each property so we went through hours of dictated conversations to capture all the passion and detail W11 care about in their work. Close attention was given to how we spoke about these magnificent projects so the tone-of-voice and copywriting was imperative to speak to the luxury market and ultra high-net-worth individuals.

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The project surpassed the client’s expectations, providing W11 with a

bespoke, responsive website

that skillfully communicates the exceptional quality of their work.