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Brand identity

is at the core of what we do.
Simple, elegant & distinct.

A minimal brand identity for a luxury loft company

We created a brand identity and website for Loft Style Living, a London based loft company in Shoreditch. A minimal logo to match the aesthetic of their luxury loft designs.

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A brand identity for a luxury property development

An identity for a property development in Jermyn Street, Central London. A simple monogram using the P & H which allowed the icon to be used as a brand pattern on the doors and throughout the marketing.

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A brand identity for an exciting start up

With a large portion of Wylie Environmental’s business focused on paper recycling, a tree with a twist stood out. We wanted to represent it in an abstract way so the concept of intertwining raw materials to re-purpose back into use resonated with the client.

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A simple monogram for a high-end construction company

The logo needed to portray luxury and elegance so we created a monogram with the letters D, B & C. Supporting imagery was monochrome suggestive of brand values of quality and simplicity.

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A brand identity for a leadership consultancy

The logo represented the building blocks of what successful businesses are built on and as a literal revolutionary scoring process Rejuvi created to quickly gain insight, analyse strengths and weaknesses to create exceptional leaders.

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The ikon identity

You can’t offer branding advice if your brand hasn’t been considered. ikon was created from the ethos ‘design knows no boundary’ and this is at the core of our business, to push boundaries not just for clients but also as an agency. The idea was each letter formed no enclosed boundary.

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A brand identity for a production company

Films by Wilson were the first production company in Europe to be commissioned by Amazon Studios, creating a four-part documentary series set in the world of Formula 1. We created a simple logo focused around the 'W' for Wilson to ensure people remember the most distinguishable part of the company name.

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A new identity for a recording studio

The concept behind the logo was to make the people’s voice the hero so we simplified a top down view of a microphone. Mixing this with variable weight fonts to give it some edge.

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A brand identity for leaders in luxury healthcare

Offering elite health check-ups, a premium look for the logo design was essential. Based on the Fibonacci spiral which related to anatomy of the body along with the letter P, we created a monogram to appeal to the luxury market.

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A strategy for you to stand out

Over the years we have refined the process of creating a brand strategy and identity, we now have a signature service.

It's one we have been through and that's proven to attract some of the most renowned luxury brands. More recently, it's helping a £5m luxury healthcare client on their way to £15m.

If you are looking to refresh your brand identity, get in touch and we can walk you through the process.

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