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A luxury property branding agency that can help you sell the dream.

Property is a competitive market so you need a luxury property branding agency that understands luxury to create the right strategy and an identity that cuts through the noise. An agency that can craft a unique brand narrative that inspires your target audience to see your property in a new light. An agency that elevates your brand above the competition.

ikon can help you clarify your message with simplicity and elegance and connect with your audience on an emotional level, creating desire and ultimately revenue.

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Note: If you need help putting a property brand strategy & identity in place, speak with our Creative Director, Alex Colley.

Alex is the founder of ikon and has over a decade of experience in branding. In fact, he has worked with global luxury brands like Cartier, Westfield, Porsche, and Formula 1 producing everything from brand identities to marketing campaigns. Not to mention his extensive experience in property, interiors & architecture from Buro Happold to Chapman Taylor, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and a number of lesser know practices.

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A brand strategy for your luxury property development that delivers

A strong luxury brand strategy benefits both you and your clients. It gives you a clear vision to follow and a set of values and guidelines to help you make the right decisions.

And it gives your clients the confidence that you will exceed their expectations at every stage of the process — from initial consultation to post-sale service.

We'll carry out extensive research, competitor analysis, and stakeholder interviews. And we'll use all of this information to develop a brand strategy tailored specifically for your business – one that provides a roadmap for the future.

Whether you're starting from scratch or refreshing your existing brand, we can help you create a strong, cohesive brand that will resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your business goals.

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A brand identity that stands out

Shortcuts and quick fixes might get you noticed, but they won't help you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

For ikon, branding is all about creating an emotional connection between your business and your target audience. And that starts with a strong, memorable brand identity.

We take a bespoke approach to branding, taking the time to understand what makes your property business unique. We then create a custom brand identity that encapsulates your story and resonates with a discerning audience.

From your logo and color palette to your typography and tone of voice, we'll make sure your brand identity is consistent, distinctive, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.

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Irresistible art direction & print materials that sell

In a competitive property market, print still plays an important role in engaging buyers and selling properties. But with the right creative treatment, print can do so much more than just get noticed — it can tell your brand's story, build trust and create emotional connections.

At ikon, we understand the power of print and use our creativity and expertise to produce eye-catching print materials that get results. From high-end brochures to sophisticated stationery and stunning property photography, our luxury property branding agency will make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

Engineering website

Web Design that engages audiences

A strong web presence is essential to sell any real estate. But with consumers now more savvy and demanding than ever, a one-size-fits-all approach to web design just won't cut it.

Your website needs to be more than just a digital brochure — it needs to be engaging, informative, and above all, user-friendly.

At ikon, we understand what it takes to create an effective website that will engage your target audience and help you close more deals and grow your business. We take a strategic and holistic approach to luxury web design, working closely with you to understand your unique business needs and create a bespoke website that ticks all the right boxes.

From stunning visuals and easy-to-use functionality to lead capture forms, we'll ensure your website works hard for you around the clock.

Note: if you want to create a luxury property website to attract high-end buyers, talk to ikon.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you design a website that inspires your audience and helps you sell the dream of a new property. Contact us today .

Digital marketing that reaches the right people

Your website is often the first port of call for potential clients and can be your main marketing asset. But with so much noise online, it can be hard to make your voice heard. To cement your reputation as a leading player in the property industry, you need to be visible on the right digital channels and in front of the right people.

We can create a luxury marketing strategy to help you rise above the noise, focusing on lead generation, engagement, and conversion. We'll use a combination of digital marketing channels to raise your profile, attract more visitors to your website and generate more leads for your real estate development.

Our expertise combined with our unrivaled knowledge of visual disciplines means we can ensure your business is front and centre when potential clients are looking to buy or sell.

Remarkable branded experiences

Your customers should feel special at every touchpoint — whether they're interacting with your website, speaking to your sales team, or visiting one of your properties. An authentic brand will guide all of these experiences, ensuring each one is as unique as your luxury properties.

We understand that success in the luxury market comes down to creating truly remarkable experiences. We'll work with you to craft a narrative that can be brought to life across all touchpoints. A narrative will capture your target market's attention and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Whether you're looking to launch a new development, sell off-plan properties or stand out as a real estate agent online, our luxury property branding agency will work with you to create an unforgettable experience that gets results.

Graphic design that makes an impact

Your property's visuals are crucial in the luxury market. You need to make a strong first impression that will grab attention and stop potential buyers in their tracks.

Our team of graphic designers will help you create a visual identity for your brand that is both distinctive and memorable. We'll design high-end marketing materials that accurately reflect your properties' quality and interior design.

Video marketing to tell the story of your luxury brand

Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, illustrious heritage, and exclusivity, luxury brands can greatly benefit from utilizing high-quality video marketing. This method allows luxury real estate properties to convey their distinct stories, establishing an emotional connection with audiences while enhancing the brand's perceived value.

Our video marketing services enable luxury brands to meticulously develop and maintain their image by utilizing visually appealing and fashionable content.

A proven track record in luxury property branding

We know that the most exclusive and prestigious luxury property brands require a different approach; an approach that is born from understanding what makes these brands unique. An approach that delivers results by speaking to the most discerning audiences.

Some of the world's most prestigious property developers and agencies trust us to create brands that connect with high-net-worth individuals. Brands like Cartier, Westfield, Porsche & F1 have trusted us with creating experiences that capture the imagination and inspire action. Our creative agency would be honored to do the same for you.

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We're not like other agencies. We'll never try to fit you into a pre-defined package or offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. We start with a clean slate every time and use our expertise and experience to design bespoke service offerings that's right for you and your business goals.

If you're looking for a property branding agency that can help you stand out from other real estate agents in the luxury market, get in touch with ikon today to learn about our branding services. We'll be happy to discuss your project and see how we can help.

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