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A brand strategy agency that can also execute the creative beautifully

What's one thing every exceptional business has? A brand strategy.

Our favourite quote is "Good strategy and poor execution is like a Ferrari with flat tires. It looks good in the specs but fails on the street" from the world renowned strategist, Marty Neumeier.

It's so true. We have seen many a brand strategy fall down on how it's expressed visually. It's the reason ikon's brand strategy agency was set up, we sit in the sweet spot of being strategic and commercially minded but we can also make it look beautiful.

Without a brand strategy it's an uphill battle

It’s simple. Strategy is such an integral aspect of branding that affects your business. Whether you are a startup or established brand. Without one, there will be issues with communication, staff, marketing, misinformation and consistency.

Customers become so confused they end up looking elsewhere. Your employees will get caught out communicating differing messages. It’s frightening the number of businesses who can’t articulate what they do in a compelling sentence or two.

How many times have you scrolled through a website and come away thinking:

'Well I know they have an office dog and they drink organic coffee but I still don’t know what they actually do.’

Maintaining a competitive edge

It’s a messy picture that we don’t want you to be in and you need that competitive edge to stay relevant. As Leonard Sherman in Entrepreneur magazine writes:

“Product used to be king, but in today's fast-moving, copycat-filled world of business, a strong identity can be the key to success.”

This could not be more true in the modern age, where tech is advancing at a lightening pace. Without a strong brand strategy and identity, you will get bogged down without focus. We help you get defined on who you are and who you need to target to get you there. There are enough generic businesses out there. Don't be one of them.

We get it though, your mind is elsewhere

We do get it though. Startups get excited about their product or idea and want to get stuck in straight away. We have seen it over and over. Established brands may not want to rock the boat or ‘waste money’ going through a strategic process when they are already busy.

It’s something often done retrospectively once you reach a comfortable level of revenue. Take this approach and things inevitably unzip. Your competitors will flourish, guaranteeing two things. Firstly, it will cost you more money in the long run, or indeed your business, if you don’t address your brand strategy sooner rather than later.

Secondly there will be competitors who go big on their brand strategy and you will lose out to them. It’s your business and it deserves the best. It’s exactly why we at ikon want to help. We have seen too many clients come to us when they are in trouble rather than doing the hard work upfront.

A boutique branding agency with a personal approach

We are a boutique branding agency but within this we cover strategy. We believe in a personal approach building our teams around your project, we make sure your money goes on you. Not massive overheads and the latest robotic cleaner for the office. We work with the very best creatives around and our Creative Director, Alex Colley, will work with you at every step of your project.

This ensures you will always have a direct contact and not feel like another cog in the wheel. It also means we are flexible to respond quickly to any requests or last minute changes. More efficiency and impact for you.

If this sounds like a good fit and you want to speak with Alex directly, you can reach him on 07796146177 or alex@ikon.london.

Strategic in thought, exquisite in craft

By applying a personal approach and thought to our work, we can make the most impact for you. We make your brand identity resonate with everything you stand for as a business. All the while being mindful of what the customer wants and needs. The importance of a brand strategy is that it helps shape your identity. It is an investment, not an expense.

Three options how we can help you

These options all depend on your circumstances. We are flexible and it’s your baby. One size does not fit all, so let us know how we can help. Do you need to start from scratch? No problem. We can help right from the very beginning.

Do you have an existing strategy that you need help executing? Again, not a problem. We can come onboard and get you over the line.

The last option - does your brand need a refresh and you don’t know where to start? We love to look at what you have and help make your brand stand out against the competition.

A strategy for long-term success

Seth Godin sums the definition of a brand perfectly:

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

We help you develop a brand strategy that creates an identity that resonates with your target market. We spend time with you, understanding what your objectives are on a personal and business level.

Who are your customers and how does your brand define long-term success? These are the kind of things we will look at before we start putting together the identity.

It's a partnership

A critical part of the process lies with you, incase you haven’t got that part. It shouldn’t be any other way. It’s your business and you live and breathe everything about it. Our skill is creating your vision for the future. For that, we need you fully engaged in the process.

Ready to partner with us?