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Alex Colley,

Luxury Brand Consultant

& Creative Director of ikon.

Effective design is strategic and intentional. It is a reflection of your brand’s values, purpose, and unique voice in the marketplace. It connects with people on a primal level and tells them what they need to know about your brand before they even realise they are making a decision.

Alex Colley is a luxury brand consultant and owner of ikon, a branding & creative agency. Alex specialises in working with high-profile brands and businesses. He uses the power of design to connect your brand with the people who matter most — your customers, clients, and employees.

Alex understands the intricacies and nuances of luxury and what it takes to create a lasting impression. He knows that luxury is not just about the price tag, it’s about creating an experience that is personalised, memorable, and sophisticated. It’s about understanding the customer journey and crafting a brand identity that will capture their attention and imagination.

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Led by Experience

Alex Colley is the figurehead of ikon and has worked with some of the world’s most iconic luxury global brands, including Cartier, Westfield, Porsche, and Formula 1.

With many years of experience as a luxury branding consultant, Alex has a deep understanding of the luxury market and what it takes to build a luxury brand that resonates with affluent customers.

Alex offers a range of services to help you develop and enhance your brand, including luxury brand strategy, brand identity, and creative campaigns. He will work with you to understand your unique story and value and then develop a strategy for communicating in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Educated with a BA in Industrial Design, he combines his appreciation of Architecture and design expertise to develop brands that are not only visually stunning but also strategically positioned in the market to stand out and contribute towards revenue growth.

His love for architecture has led him to work with Buro Happold, one of the world's leading engineering design firms working on multi-million-pound projects. He’s also worked with other architectural firms such as Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Chapman Taylor and Rolfe Judd as a graphic designer.

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A Track Record of Design Excellence For Luxury Brands

Great design is simple and elegant; it tells a story that is both memorable and meaningful. Simplicity and elegance are the core principles of ikon's approach to branding, and this is reflected in the luxury brands we have worked with.

Some of Alex's projects as a luxury brand consultant include:

Taking a lead role as designer for used in the Queen's Coronation Festival, an event that attracted over 60,000 visitors and was watched by over 3.5 million viewers. We designed the leaflets, day and evening guides, screen displays, and presentations, and the Queen even received a personal version of our guides.

Developing branding to establish W11 as a leader in the construction industry. Renowned for its innovative architecture, W11 builds multi-million-pound residencies and specialises in superstructures, interior design, finishing, and basement constructions.

Designing an intuitive and engaging app for DS Techeetah, one of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship teams. After helping the team in its digital transformation, the app was a success and has helped fans of the Formula E team get regular updates on the season.

Crafting a vibrant advertising campaign for a Westfield fashion event. The campaign was a resounding success, the number of attendees increased compared to the previous year. ikon has since worked with Westfield, creating fashion brand campaigns in the next 5-6 subsequent years.

The ikon Way

Luxury is more than just a product, it’s an experience. It is something that is felt, not just seen. It is an emotion that is evoked, not just a message that is conveyed.

The difference between ikon – A luxury branding and creative agency – and any other consulting firm is simple: we understand luxury.

We understand the psychology of a luxury buyer. We know what it takes to create a brand that speaks to the heart as well as the mind. We believe that design is a powerful tool for luxury that can be used to create an emotional connection with your customers.

We are not a traditional agency. We are a team of creative thinkers, strategists, luxury brand consultants, and storytellers who are passionate about luxury brand consulting. We understand that to create a lasting impression, we must go beyond the surface and get to the heart of what makes your brand special.

Our process is designed to help you distill your brand’s essence, craft a compelling story, and develop a clear strategy for communicating your message to the world.

Having worked with various types of businesses and brands, the ikon team has a wealth of experience across multiple sectors; we'll help you gain a competitive edge over some of the best luxury brands and achieve long-term success through simple and elegant design.

Design That Connects

We believe that design has the power to connect people. It is a language that we all speak, whether we are aware of it or not. When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for building relationships and creating connections.

At ikon, we know that every touchpoint is an opportunity to make an impression with your customer. That's why we take a holistic approach to design, delivering compelling identities that work across all touchpoints of your brand.

Desire, Glamour, and Exclusivity: Elements of Luxury Branding

Your luxury brand needs to evoke desire, inspire aspiration, and convey a sense of exclusivity. We help luxury businesses – just like yours – to embody these values:

• Glamour: Craft a brand identity that is exceptional and intriguing, so that customers are always left wanting more.

• Desire: Create a brand that ignites a desire in your customers and makes them feel like they can't live without your products or services.

• Exclusivity: Create a brand that is aspirational and unattainable for most, ensuring that your brand maintains its high value and prestige.

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A Luxury Branding Consultant You Can Trust

A brand is not just a logo or a color palette, it is a reflection of your unique worldview.

A brand is not a business card or a website or a product. It is the sum of all these things and more. It is an emotional connection that is built over time.

A brand is the result of a thousand little things done right.

And that is what we pride ourselves in: the attention to detail, the obsessive focus on quality, ability to come up with new ideas, and the commitment to always putting our clients’ best interests first.

We take the time to understand your business, your customers, and your objectives. We immerse ourselves in your world so that we can craft a brand identity that is truly unique to you.

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