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To help Rejuvi define their new startup in the leadership space. Our brand agency for startups was tasked with creating the brand identity with supporting brand guidelines, developing the tone of voice and messaging for the website and designing a back-end user interface for their leadership assessments.


The brand identity was centred around the three core Rejuvi differentiators to quickly communicate where they add value as a consultancy. The website was a simple one-page site but we ensured every piece of information on the page made an impact in explaining the Rejuvi story.

startup brand identity mobile website

One insight Rejuvi mentioned was the way people become great leaders is very multi-faceted and we wanted to reflect this in the graphic language we developed. We wanted to create designs that were layered which stemmed from a few graphic elements.

startup brand identity user interface
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Underscores from how we represented the Rejuvi differentiators was developed into the logo which represents the scoring system which is at the heart of the Rejuvi offer. It also references the idea of building blocks that business are built on. The logo is then utilised as a graphic device to use over backgrounds along with a dotted pattern to depict the team that supports great leaders.

startup branding brand guidelines
startup branding guidlines layout

Every detail of this brand identity

has been considered, from the visuals through to a clear, consistent message leaving only the essential detail giving Rejuvi the brand and voice they deserve.

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