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People will make a judgement about your company in seconds so it’s important you treat your brand identity as an investment and not an expense. With so much competition out there, a well thought out portfolio for brand identity can be the difference between someone using you or your competitor.

Let's take a look at how a brand identity agency can help you stand out.

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Market leaders invest in their identity

When it comes to your brand identity, businesses think a nice logo will do. You choose some imagery, colour scheme and typography, put it altogether and marvel at your own genius. You’re only a part of the way there though. This will only go so far when you have not applied a strategic approach to your creation.

Building a brand is more than ‘just a logo’ as you need to ensure you are targeting the right audience with what you offer and your message. If you don’t get this first part right it doesn’t matter how good your logo looks if how you communicate everything else doesn’t work together. You need the style and the substance to succeed.

Perception is everything

People want to identify with the brands and businesses and the successful ones create an emotional attachment. A logo, colours, typography and iconography create strong associations within the mind of a customer. Designing a logo in isolation to the rest of your brand identity may look nice but underneath it all there is no substance.

Everything needs to be considered as a whole and it’s this cohesion which builds trust. You wouldn’t go for a job interview for an executive role wearing a tracksuit but this is what people are doing with their brand identity. You make people feel you don't value your business and you can’t be trusted so they go looking to your competition.

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It’s all about priorities

We get it. If you’re a start up, it may not be the most pressing thing on your list and we know, we have spoken with plenty of startup founders. If you’re an established business wanting to get more market share, again it may not be a priority as you are busy doing the work. We hear it time and again though, businesses are doing well and creating new business so they don’t need to address their branding.

Often we get the call when a business is starting to struggle and need help re-positioning. Too many businesses have gone of business through complacency and it's why you should see branding as a way to future-proof your business. Not an activity when things start to go bad. This thinking is one requirement for good branding.

You only have seconds to get a customer’s attention

Competition is increasing. More startups are being established more than ever before and the internet has given consumers more access to research. They can make more informed decisions about who they purchase from, meaning the pressure to stand out is exceptionally high.

To add to this, attention spans are dwindling as we live in this world of ‘instant gratification’. If your brand identity is wrong or confused, customers will go elsewhere very quickly. It must be relevant, believable, unique, and consistent.

New tech means you need to adapt

The consistency element is even more crucial in this digital age. As tech develops at a lightning fast pace, more marketing tools are being created. There’s already been a big push into video content, social, apps and innovative ads but more recently, big strides are being made with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Your brand identity has to adapt too, yet remain consistent at the highest level across a forever changing landscape. It’s difficult and things can quickly unzip if you have no strategic approach in place from the beginning. Don’t worry though, you’re in the right place.

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An agency tailored to you

We are a boutique branding agency, which means we believe in a personal approach and build teams around your project. Your money goes on, well...you, not massive overheads and our expense account. We work with the very best creatives around and our Creative Director, Alex Colley, will work with you at every step of your project. This ensures you will always have a direct contact and not feel like another cog in the wheel. It also means we are flexible to respond quickly to any requests or last minute changes. More efficiency and impact for you.

If you want to speak with Alex directly, you can reach him on 07796146177 or alex@ikon.london.

Collaboration is key

A critical part of the process that we do before looking at any creative work, involves getting to know you and your company. We need to really understand what makes you and your customers tick. It shouldn’t be any other way. Afterall, it’s your brand and you live and breathe everything about it. Our aim is to act as the filter to communicate your vision into an easy to understand identity both visually and verbally.

Strategic in thought, exquisite in craft

By applying thought to our work, we can make the most impact for you. Utilising our strong design skills more effectively to ensure your brand identity instantly resonates with everything you stand for as a business. All the while being mindful of what the customer wants and needs. Appeal to them on an emotional level and you will create a brand that is instantly recognisable amongst the noise. As we mentioned earlier, brand identity in an investment, not an expense.

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