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Increasing demand for a VIP driving day


Our luxury agency was brought on for designing a newsletter to invite contacts to one of the Porsche Supercup VIP days with Patrick Dempsey & Sebastian Loeb as the main attraction. The newsletter needed to reflect the car vinyl graphics that featured on the cars each of them were racing.


Working with KHP Consulting, we made it easier for people to respond to their RSVP than in previous years. The result was an increased e-mail open and response rate to the newsletter, reducing the amount of time spent chasing guests for their response.

email marketing newsletter

After issues with the previous year’s event, a lot of time was spent emailing and chasing people who hadn’t RSVP’d and there was no online system to easily track and remind people who hadn’t responded. This year we helped create an attention-grabbing newsletter with one sole purpose, to rsvp online so it was easy to see who hadn’t responded. We could then easily target people who hadn’t opened or who had opened but not taken any action to send further reminders.

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The new design and system worked to great effect, increasing open rates due to the improved design and increased efficiency in tracking the intended audience.

porsche car with graphics
ikon delivers a great click through rate for an automotive icon. The final result was an attractive,

streamlined newsletter – just like a Porsche.

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