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It's always hard to set a brief for yourself but we wanted our business cards to make a statement. Seeing a lot of our work these days is digital, the look, the feel and the finish needed to be well considered and in-line with the ikon reductionist way of thinking and working.


The end result is making a great impact and we did so with the ikon brand colours - Black, white and gold. We duplexed a white and black GF Smith paper which you don't see too often and ensured the foiled front, back and edging stood out to produce a luxury business card.

gold foil business cards
ikon business stationery

Careful consideration was paid to the paper stock to ensure the best finish with the foil and to give a smooth feel. We used GF Smith Plike White for the front as some make the mistake of cards you can’t write anything on. This was backed with Plike Black to give a double thickness of 660gsm which gave a bigger card height to foil all edges.

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gold foil branding stationery
black and white business cards

When designing business cards, it’s too easy to adopt a traditional design on white paper so knowledge of printing techniques and papers is essential to producing memorable results. This has set the precedent for producing ikon one-off prints and brochures.

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branding agency business cards
With so much noise in the digital space, print can often be overlooked. The

first impression from a business card

can last long in the memory so take the opportunity to make it count.

Looking to stand out?