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DS Techeetah

Saving the environment and impressing race-goers


After seasons of producing printed material for each race, DS Techeetah knew they needed a more sustainable way of delivering the same information to match the ethos of the fully electric sport. In collaboration with NKrush, we were tasked with producing an engaging app that would follow the team around the world with them.


We designed an app that we regularly update after each race to show how the drivers and team are getting on, to helping provide country specific information all the way down to VIP meeting points and how to pick up tickets. The result, a beautifully engaging app that reduces their carbon footprint and an up-to-date status on the season to date.

ds techeetah racing car

The app was designed with the knowledge that select pages needed to be easily updatable throughout the race season and this influenced the design. The difficulty with print was once it was committed to paper, it’s almost impossible to change. Changes can be made to the app right the way up to the race day itself, even on the race day if necessary.

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The response to the app has been incredible, not only from a cost saving perspective but the ability to create

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content and use push notifications to maximise engagement.

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