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A vibrant fashion campaign to stand out


To design an eye-catching advertising campaign targeting students looking for a fun night out with friends, great fashion, food, discounts and offers. The design and colours needed to be flexible enough to adapt to multiple formats, from printed brochures to digital screens and to have the theme run through the event.


Using photography from the autumn campaign, we created a vibrant colour palette to draw attention in Westfield’s busy London malls. All printed and digital marketing for the event was created and even ran through to the coloured carpets chosen in the event space which attracted thousands of students.

digital advertising screen

The design needed to have an air of luxury as offering a premium experience is something Westfield strongly value. The ability for a campaign to easily adapt to multiple formats is key to a successful campaign so it has be well thought through which can be a difficult balance even with experience.

brochure design for event
brochure and map design
open creative brochure design
brochure design showing maps

ikon has worked on branding a number of Westfield events as the speed and quality of which a campaign can be delivered by a small agency is a big advantage to a global brand with a busy schedule of producing creative campaigns.

digital advertising campaign
fashion campaign
digital screen fashion advertising
campaign for shopping centre
We continually work with Westfield and deliver exceptional fashion marketing campaigns and it is an honour to be mentioned in the same vain as some of the most acclaimed creative agencies in London.
printed fashion marketing
Due to the vibrant nature of the

ad campaign,

awareness and figures of attendees increased compared to the previous year. This went on to secure ikon multiple campaigns over the next 7 years.

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