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The best luxury branding agencies in London & Beyond

Creating a unique brand is crucial to differentiating yourself in a competitive luxury market and engaging with the right target audience. Luxury branding agencies specialise in developing memorable brand identities that reflect what you stand for, why you are different and why people should care and we aim to break down the best ones.

If you are looking for some of the finest luxury branding agencies around, you are in the right place. We have meticulously researched and handpicked the best agencies from London and beyond, who can take your brand to the next level. So, let's dive into our selection and discover the experts who can assist you in creating an exceptional brand.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to some of the top design talent in the industry. Whether you're a small startup looking to establish a brand or an established business needing to rebrand, this list will help you find the perfect agency to bring your vision to life.

Note: We are a luxury branding agency with a difference, we build teams to your project to maximise your budget.

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The top 8 luxury branding agencies in London and from around the globe

The following list highlights the top 8 luxury branding agencies in London and beyond, recognised for their exceptional ability to create unique and well thought through brand identities that stand out.

All these agencies have an impressive portfolio of clients from various industries, proving their versatility and innovation in creating memorable and effective branding. Whether you're a startup or multi-national, here are some of the best luxury branding agencies chosen for their quality in craft. We'll start with the one we know best, our own.

construction company website
W11 website designed by ikon

1. ikon - The best Luxury Branding Agency

A boutique branding & creative agency based in London working with some of the most renowned brands in luxury.

brochure and book for westfield
Print for Westfield designed by ikon
Note: If you are a luxury brand looking to improve the perception of your brand, let's talk.

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Alex Colley, Founder of ikon

2. Hudson Wright Easton

Hudson Wright Easton is a UK brand specialist with a client list that showcases their high-quality work. HWE's approach to branding is always striving for aspiration.

Their high-achieving team possesses strategic intuition born from experience and insight, and their campaigns deliver effective, beautiful, surprising, and dynamic results for their customers. They aim to elevate every brand they work with into the premium category, as they have done for clients over the last two decades.

property identity
©Hudson Wright Easton

3. Commission

Commission is a London based design and branding consultancy owned and led by Creative Directors David McFarline and Christopher Moorby. Founded with an ambition to create beautiful and intelligent design, our work is realised across print, packaging, editorial, advertising, and digital media. We create brand identity, graphic design, and art direction for the industries of fashion, art, culture, and commerce.

luxury packaging identity

4. Made Thought

Made Thought is a like-minded collective of strategists, writers, thinkers, inventors, makers, dreamers, mavericks, rebels, connectors, instigators and igniters. We champion bold creativity and brave action underpinned by exceptional craft. From our studios in London and New York, we work with clients big and small who are open to change.

fashion rebrand
©Made Thought

5. Two Times Elliott

Two Times Elliott have the ability to form deep connections with our teams, partners and communities which is essential to their creative process. This synthesis enables them to employ insight, imagination and innovation to deliver impactful work that transcends conventional design practices.

Beauty identity packaging
©Two Times Elliott

6. Pentagram

Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio.

Their work encompasses graphics and identity, strategy and positioning, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications, data visualisations and typefaces, sound and motion. Their 22 partners are all practicing designers, and whether working collaboratively or independently, they do so in friendship.

Their structure is unique. They are the only major design studio where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. This reflects their conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and—above all—personal commitment, and is demonstrated by a portfolio that spans five decades, many industries, and clients of every size.

best branding agencies rolls royce

7. Matter of Form

A Brand & Experience Design Consultancy based in London, they are a collective of 70 craft-honing, culture-tapping creatives obsessed with designing a better future.

luxury website
©Matter of Form

8. Deep

A partner-led design agency with a team that brings creativity, curiosity and energy to global brands and innovative start-ups.

mens health branding

So there you have it, our round up of some of the best luxury branding agencies in London and throughout the rest of the world.

To note, this list is not made from any rankings tables or effectiveness results, we are judging purely in a creative sense. I hope you found it useful and if you are in the luxury space, consider ikon as your agency for creating your luxury brand.

This article is written by Alex & Brandon of ikon | We are a boutique branding & creative agency – but not in the traditional sense. We hand-pick a team from our experienced creatives to suit each project, delivering a personal and bespoke service. Alex is always the lead contact every step of the way and our clients include the likes of Cartier, Westfield, Porsche, & F1.

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