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The best design agencies in London & beyond: The top 10

Design is a crucial aspect of any business, and a company’s success can often hinge on the effectiveness of its visual branding and marketing materials. Finding the right design agency to partner with can make all the difference in creating a strong and memorable brand identity.

In this article, we will highlight the best design agencies in London and beyond. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to some of the top design talent in the industry. Whether you're a small startup looking to establish a brand or a large corporation needing a rebrand, this list will help you find the perfect agency to bring your vision to life.

Note: Get in touch with ikon, a leading luxury design agency, for expert assistance with your branding and creative campaigns.

Our team specialises in strategy and execution to effectively reach your target audience. Book a creative and brand discovery call to see how we can help.

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Who are the 10 best design agencies in London and the rest of the world?

In this section, we will highlight the top 10 best design agencies in London and beyond, to help you find the perfect partner for your design needs.

1. ikon - the best agency for luxury brands
2. Two Times Elliott
3. Six
4. Graphic Thought Facility
5. North
6. Otherway
7. Deep
8. How & How
9. Magpie Studio
10. Design Studio

We will start with the agency we know best - our own.

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1. ikon - The best creative design agency for luxury brands

At ikon, we are the best graphic design agency for luxury branding & creative campaigns. Led by our experienced Creative Director Alex Colley, we have a proven track record of success in delivering world-class design services for luxury brands. Our portfolio of satisfied clients include notable global brands such as Cartier, Porsche, Westfield, and F1. ikon was also named a top 10 branding agency by Clutch.

We understand the unique needs and desires of luxury consumers and how to effectively reach them. Our design agency is dedicated to creating an aesthetic that represents your brand and resonates with your audience.

To make sure that the visual identity of your brand is consistently applied throughout all its touchpoints, we work on various design aspects such as logo, graphics, packaging, and website design. Brand consistency is important to establish and maintain a strong and recognisable brand identity. We also establish brand guidelines to ensure that the brand's integrity is maintained over time.

We'll go over some of the print and digital design services we offer.

Note: At ikon, we pride ourselves on being a design agency specifically for luxury markets. We have a proven track record of success, having worked with some of the world's most renowned brands, such as Cartier, Porsche, Westfield, and Formula 1.

If you want to elevate your brand and stand out in the luxury market, look no further than ikon. Get in touch for consulting services or sign up for a brand discovery call today, and let us help you take your brand to the next level.

Brochure & book for Westfield by ikon

Brand design - identity, stationery & brand guidelines

ikon is a luxury design agency and we believe, the best choice for creating a cohesive identity for luxury brands. We stand apart from other creative agencies because we know and understand luxury. Our creative agency has a deep understanding of the luxury market over the past decade, its customers, and our ability to effectively communicate a brand's unique value proposition.

After all, the foundation of any successful luxury brand is a strong identity. We specialise in creating visually stunning designs that capture the essence of luxury and exclusivity.

We grasp luxury consumers' specific needs and wants, and know how to target them with impactful brand design, illustration, and photography.

Our services include creating logos, stationery, websites, brand guidelines, illustration, and photography that ensure consistency and continuity across all touchpoints of a brand. We take the time to understand your target audience and tailor design to suit their taste. Our team of proven designers, illustrators, and photographers work together to create a branding to reflect your brand's message and positioning.

Here are some lovely client reviews to read.

Web design and development - website, social creatives

At ikon, our design agency understands that the online presence of a luxury brand is just as important as its offline presence. That's why we offer the industry’s best luxury web design services. We create visually stunning websites that reflect your brand's high-end exclusivity and elegance.

Our approach to luxury web design is centered around creating a seamless user experience that showcases your brand's unique values and visual identity. We use the latest design trends and technologies to create responsive and intuitive websites that are developed for all devices. Our designs are also built for conversions.

We take the time to understand your brand's target audience and tailor the website design to suit their preferences. Then, our designers work closely with you to create a great-looking website that also reflects your brand's message and positioning.

If you want to create an online presence that reflects how premium your luxury brand is, ikon's luxury web design services are the best choice. We can create a website that will make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Unsure of your requirements? Book a complimentary consultation with us, and we'll discuss the details. Choose a convenient day and time, and we'll talk to discuss your project.

We acknowledge that redesigning a new website project can be challenging. That's why we'll be there to support you throughout the process, address your concerns, and assist you in making decisions that will drive your luxury brand’s growth.

Print Design - brochures, decks, stationery & business cards

Our graphic design agency is a leader in providing luxury print design to help brand attract more of the right kind of customer. Our print design will help you capture the attention of a high-end market.

Having an eye-catching print design for your product or service can showcase its benefits to customers effectively.

Your physical branding materials, such as packaging and brochures, can serve as a marketing tool for your business. Our print design solutions cater to your marketing and communication needs while staying true to your brand's image.

Our print designers will craft an attractive design that will attract potential customers and make your company stand out among the competition.

Our approach to luxury print design uses the latest design trends and techniques to create print materials that are visually stunning, functional, and effective.

We start by interviewing you to understand your brand's message, target audience, and design preferences. This will help us create print materials that are tailored to your specific brand.

Our expertise creates a wide range of print materials, including brochures, catalogs, packaging, business cards, and more. Our print designs are visually captivating and made for print quality.

2. Two Times Elliott

Two Times Elliott is a design agency based in the UK which was founded in 2010. They offer a wide range of services, including brand identity, art direction, web design, and spatial design. They work with clients from various industries, including fashion, beauty, property, food and beverage, and product design. Their aesthetic is simple but effective, and they have worked with clients from start-ups to global brands.

Each project is approached with a unique strategy, focusing on storytelling and concept development. They pay attention to detail, have a deep understanding of the business and strategy, and strive to exceed client expectations. They also offer a full-service branding and website design approach, handling everything from concept to final delivery.

Two Times Elliott offers a wide range of services, including branding, packaging design, and website design. They have particular expertise in creating optimised designs for online and offline marketing channels, and they use the latest design trends and technologies to create responsive and intuitive websites.

©Two Times Elliott

3. Six

As a creative agency, Six specialises in creating powerful and impactful visual communications for a wide range of clients. They have an expert team of designers, illustrators, and art directors. They pride themselves in being the intersection of brand, digital, and art direction. As a result, the agency has built a worldwide reputation for creating effective, refined, and captivating designs for both digital and traditional mediums.

Established in 2007, Six's specialties include brand identity, design systems, type design, motion, photo, film, advertising, environmental design, website design, digital experiences, research, brand positioning, brand audits, brand architecture, web development and app development.


4. Graphic Thought Facility

Graphic Thought Facility (GTF) is a London-based design consultancy with an international reputation for providing innovative and unique design solutions for clients. The company was set up in 1990 and boasts an impressive roster of clients with a real design pedigree, such as Kvadrat, Vitra and Frieze Art Fair.

The company's portfolio includes store environments, exhibition design, book design, wayfinding, and campaigns. GTF believes in understanding its clients' objectives and building strong, long-term relationships. The company's approach is unconventional but based on clarity, simplicity, and treating functional needs and emotional responses with equal importance.

GTF is passionate about exploring the physical possibilities of design, often using non-traditional materials and production methods. The company is jointly owned and led by three directors. It has a team of 12 people based at its offices in Clerkenwell.

©Graphic Thought Facility

5. North

North Design coordinates and creates design projects that achieve business success and have transformational effects on organisations. The company utilises a network of professional web developers, photographers, and printers to ensure incredible results. This design company has extensive experience in the field of graphic design. The founders spent many years running successful design studios.

North Design has a diverse portfolio, showcasing a range of projects including innovative corporate branding and nationwide advertising campaigns. To view recent examples of their work, visit the North Design website.


6. Otherway

Otherway is a design company based in Primrose Hill, London, brands are given a sense of purpose and compelling experiences through the expert guidance of a multi-disciplinary team. Established in 2013, the team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and producers specialise in launching new ventures and transforming established brands, helping them navigate the digital world and create a more positive future.

With a focus on action, the team at Otherway believes that the strongest brands are defined by what they do, not just what they say. They bring smart ideas and a fearless attitude to each project, dedicated to helping their partners succeed.

By combining bold ideas and compelling experiences, Otherway sets brands apart and helps them to define their purpose in the market.


7. Deep

Deep works with clients to build their businesses by creating compelling brand stories and content that engage their customers. They balance inspirational design with well-thought-out strategies so that the customer's needs are the focus of their actions. Their services include:

Digital: User-centered design, digital design, development, and custom integrations.

Branding: Brand strategy, positioning, visual identity, print materials, editorial content, and art direction.

Recognised for their excellence in the field, the company received a 2022 award for their work in branding, brand-led websites, and content creation.


8. How & How

How & How is a branding agency located in London, Lisbon, and Los Angeles. Co-founded by husband and wife duo Cat How and Rog How just two and a half years ago, the agency boasts an impressive and distinctive portfolio.

With a team of 11 full-time staff and a diverse group of part-time and freelance professionals, the agency uses imagination to transform businesses into brands that enrich lives, nature, and the founders' success. They specialise in digital branding and have a wide range of branding work.

©How & How

9. Magpie Studio

Magpie Studio has a passion for the visual aspect of branding and is an avid collector of all things visual. They have found that clear communication and avoiding ambiguity are key to effectively deliver their message, whether it needs to be loud or subtle. They use creative colors to make a message memorable and make it stand out and connect with the audience.

©Magpie Studio

10. Design Studio

DesignStudio is a branding agency specialising in creating brands and experiences through radical collaboration. The agency's approach is holistic, insightful, and unconventional, which aims to inspire deep connections within teams and communities. The agency's philosophy is deeply ingrained in its approach, as they believe that it delivers remarkable change.

They offer various services, including brand strategy, environmental design, organisational design, motion, brand identity, art direction, brand architecture, digital strategy, interactive experiences, brand launches and employee engagement.

©Design Studio

Final Thoughts

Your brand is one of your most important assets. It sets you apart from your competitors and tells your customers who you are. A design agency can help you develop and communicate your brand identity across all of your brand assets.

There are so many great design agencies in London that can help you take your brand to the next level. This article mentions just a few of the top agencies you should consider working with that we admire. Agencies known for their award-winning work, disruptive approach, and ability to get results.

If you are a luxury brand, we hope you consider ikon.

This article is written by Alex & Brandon of ikon | We are a boutique branding & creative agency – but not in the traditional sense. We hand-pick a team from our experienced creatives to suit each project, delivering a personal and bespoke service. Alex is always the lead contact every step of the way and our clients include the likes of Cartier, Westfield, Porsche, & F1.

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