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The best architect's websites from around the world

With so much competition in the design and architecture space, it’s so important to use your website as a showcase to highlight your work but also to explain why you are different to everyone else. A common mistake is looking to what everyone else is doing and creating something similar that is on trend. I want to highlight some of the very best architecture websites and how you can apply the best branding for architects' principles used to improve your site.

Do something that’s never been seen

Phase 3 is one of the most unique architect’s websites we have seen. It breaks a lot of the typical web design rules but it pulls it off well. The great use of typography again is distinct enough to be different but not too far away from the norm. They have created a really nice mixed feed of work with news and their writing. They can definitely own what they say “Be Different to Make Different.”

best architecture websites unique design

First impressions are everything

One website that made one the most impression from landing was Gruff Architects with their lovely use of typography on the logo that felt integrated into the imagery. Throughout the site, the level of photography is high and it’s a very simple and easy to use site.

best architecture websites simple typography

An interesting intro can make all the difference

What Threefold have done nicely is create an intro that stems from their name. Three blocks of colour combined with an image which changes colours and imagery every time you visit the site. Their latest section is a great feed that really gives a sense what this practice is about.

best architecture websites beautiful intro

Don’t shy away from bold colours

A lot of architect’s websites can be very white or grey but this site from Turner Works you notice and remember from the off. Simple block colours and lovely use of typography is very refreshing coming from an industry that can play it safe.

best architecture websites colourful design

Use typography to differentiate

The site from Heloise Thibodeau Architecte Inc is bold with a punchy red and a stencil headline font to stand out. Surprisingly, most websites use the same style sans-serif font. It’s one thing we believe at ikon is investing in typography as a differentiator and it definitely works here.

best architecture websites bold colour

Imagery needs to be exceptional

No better case in point than Edition. They have gone so understated they cover your screen with a beautiful image and just their logo summed up by their opening line “There’s a sense of freedom in distillation”.

best architecture websites full screen imagery

Stand out for the right reasons

One of the most unique architecture websites is from Herzog & de Meuron. Everything from the typography, functionality and lack of even a logo makes it stand out from a sea of similar style websites. For me it’s interesting and memorable but doesn’t quite cut it to create an emotional connection to make me feel like I would love to work with them even though their work is incredible.

best architecture websites unique functionality

Rethink the menu

Instead of a traditional menu, the concertina approach from EDA is very novel and does make you interact with the website in a different way which does make you feel they are not the same as all the rest. It does fall down a little on some of the imagery which could be much stronger.

best architecture websites concertina menu

Black and white can add a sophistication

Skylab Architecture has got a really nice mix of a bold menu but very simplistic usability which feels more sophisticated than a lot of other architect’s websites. As with our website at ikon which features a lot of black backgrounds, the colour evokes strength, power, authority and elegance.

best architecture websites black sophistication

Use typography with a little more character

The Morris + Company website is relatively simple but it’s simplicity done well. Their choice of font is similar to other architects but different enough to be distinct. The split vertical screen when scrolling projects is interesting and makes the site more memorable.

best architecture websites distinct typography

Make the menu visual

Arko has a lovely rollover full screen menu for their projects page which is really simple but so elegant. It helps their visualisations are exceptional but it’s a quick and easy way to see their select projects full screen very quickly in a very interactive way.

best architecture websites menu rollover

Express your quality

All throughout the Hyde + Hyde website you can see the effort and consideration paid to everything from their imagery to their words. It gives a sense that if you work with them, you are in safe hands and that attention to detail will show through if you commission them. If you can evoke this sense of trust and quality, you are pretty much sold without speaking to them.

best architecture websites beautiful visuals

Add some motion

Leclercq Associes have added elements of motion throughout the site making the usability very smooth. From transitions on the menu to how the pages transition to the next, it’s very well animated. Even the rollovers on the projects to show multiple images is a really nice touch.

best architecture websites animated transitions

If after reading this, you think you have to improve your website to compete with the best, we are more than happy to give you any advice on how our website design agency can create impact within your practice.

This article is written by Alex Colley, Creative Director of ikon | We are a boutique branding & creative agency – but not in the traditional sense. We hand-pick a team from our experienced creatives to suit each project, delivering a personal and bespoke service. Alex is always the lead contact every step of the way and our clients include the likes of Cartier, Westfield, Porsche, & F1.

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