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Looking for a website design agency?

A great looking website is a prerequisite these days and just because an agency specialises in them doesn’t mean you get the best outcome. We are a boutique branding agency and we design and build bespoke websites for our clients such as designs for luxury websites. No templates or themes, designed specifically to your requirements. With any branding, understanding the bigger picture of how your brand should present itself is more beneficial than a focus just on a website. This is why ikon is more than just a website design agency.

Custom design, custom build

Trying wedge your content into a template or theme doesn’t often end well and if it does, you are left with a website that functions like 90% of websites out there. Your business is unique so your branding and your website should be.

A web design agency may be able to advise you on your website but we take a more holistic approach to what suits your business. What if you don’t need a 20 page website, you just need a one page site that filters everything you do in such a condensed way you communicate the same impact from reading one page rather than 20?

Built for speed & security

Not only will you have a beautifully designed website that stands out, you benefit technically from site speed and from a security point of view. No more updates that overwrite code already written and not remembering what code you actually added.

So do you want a templated design that looks like most of you competitors or do you want something bespoke that delivers your offer succinctly in a style that becomes synonymous with your brand?

Need a well designed site?