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Rebranding your business is a big undertaking. One you need to get right and in this article we will explain why ikon might be the best rebranding agency for you.

If we are not right for you, we will advise on what to look out for.

I know from experience, clients have gone for the cheaper option, measuring the project on price or the amount of deliverables. Often less is more but focus on quality first.

A laser focused strategy, identity and website with short, succinct messaging on a one page website can be far more effective than a 10-20 page website that looks budget and people struggle to understand what you do and why you are different quickly.

We are talking 3-5 seconds quick as that may be the only opportunity you have before someone hits that dreaded close button.

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An important lesson

It’s not been uncommon for us to provide a quote for rebranding a business and the client chooses a cheaper option, only to come back to us months later when it didn’t work out.

The true cost of rebranding becomes eye-watering. There is the cost of paying the agency you chose based on price who didn’t deliver. Then there is the time you invested as a business in staff costs trying to get the project in a state you are happy with.

Lastly, you end up back to square one with someone like ikon who won’t offer it any cheaper than initially quoted as it was your mistake. So, you end up paying more than double in actual costs and then the sunk costs of the time and stress involved.

I am a big believer in pay for the best you can possibly afford for this reason. It’s a mentality we use - Buy the best fonts, use the best creatives, buy the best software to do the job. You are often happier with the decision and in the long run, you are paying to make your life easier.

Remember, a rebrand is an investment decision that could last a lifetime of your business. Some iconic brands have only slightly changed and developed their logo for instance since their inception.

So why ikon?

We are not an agency in the traditional sense. We operate more like a collective that brings in the right creative for the job, not whoever is sat round on payroll. What does this mean for you? A more tailored approach to ensure the right people are on the project, typically senior creatives. With a remote model too, that means more of your budget spent on the work not on overheads. It truly is designed to bring the most impact to our clients.

Clients that are a good fit are usually very design-led businesses who already appreciate the value of good design. Everything from traditional luxury like Cartier to property which emcompasses architects, interior designers, engineers and construction. We have worked with a Formula E team to speak to their VIPs. There is often a time-poor, affluent audience who we are able to connect with.

When is the best time to rebrand?

What we have found over the years of working with clients on rebrands, to invest and make a big impact, you need to either be established in the market for a good number of years or be well funded to be able to invest. Early stage startups with no capital are better off taking the idea to market and then rebranding once established.

I have seen strategy documents that aren’t worth the paper they are written on because they went to someone inexperienced as they thought they needed a brand strategy but it’s a bit like buying a website theme, it’s a paint by numbers exercise and won’t create real lasting value.

Good design takes time

This saying is relevant to any aspect of a rebrand. Good design, good copy, good strategy, good creative. It all takes time and that means enough time to think of ways you can differentiate. For instance with ikon, we differentiate with our model, verbally and visually. It’s not by accident, it’s designed intentionally.

It’s where the value is in a rebrand. This could set your business up for future success and can remain in place for years. You need time to experiment, to think, to research. You can’t rush this and expect great work that has an impact.

The Guarantee

Guarantees often sound cheap but there is nothing worse than buying something that doesn’t deliver. There are a lot of agencies that aren’t prepared to stand by the results they generate. It’s why we position ourselves towards the premium end of the market for our size, we want you to walk away with a brand to be proud of. But not just that, a brand that speaks to the audience it was designed to speak to.

So we work with you until you are happy with the work. The risk we are prepared to stand by means we have to price high to ensure we have the time and budget to deliver on that promise.

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What next?

If ikon is not the right agency for you, that's good, we have done our job. We have followed the fundamental rule in marketing you shouldn't break. Appeal to everyone and you appeal to no-one. We hope you have gained some insight whoever you choose to develop your brand.

If what you have read resonates. We have a process that has been perfected over the last 10+ years that we can be confident will produce the result we expect every time. The strategy is focused on extracting all your knowledge about your business out of you to help you articulate what you stand for and what makes you unique.

We moodboard and discuss ideas before any design is even created. All designed to combine our vision for your brand with your vision. We are here to guide and collaborate, we test quick and often so we don’t stray off course.

If that sounds of interest, we would love to talk.

Ready to rebrand?