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Standing out is not just about the products you offer but the story your brand tells. As the digital landscape evolves, the challenge for B2B brands intensifies: How do you create a compelling identity without relying solely on product imagery?

The answer lies in a blend of superior graphics, impactful typography, and messaging that truly resonates. We understand the nuances of B2B branding and are dedicated to crafting brand systems that are designed strategically to make you stand out.

Let's explore the transformative power of our agency to create a well-defined brand identity in the B2B sector.

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Who is ikon? A B2B branding agency for luxury

Based in London, we are not just another branding agency, marketing agency or digital marketing services firm; we are a creative collective that understands the intricacies of the B2B landscape and can build the right team to suit your needs.

We're a branding and creative agency that believes in the power of storytelling. Every brand has a unique narrative, and our mission is to bring that story to life, ensuring it resonates with the target audience and stands out in a crowded marketplace. Our portfolio showcases B2B as well as B2C brands, reflecting our commitment to crafting distinct and memorable brand identities across a range of businesses.

We delve deep into a brand's essence, understanding its values, goals, and market positioning. Drawing inspiration from industry leaders and leveraging insights from various sectors, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, from branding and digital solutions to design and beyond.

Collaborating with us means partnering with a team of modern marketers, designers, and strategists who are passionate about what we do. We bring a wealth of B2B expertise to the table, ensuring that brands look good and perform exceptionally in their respective markets.

We emerge as a trusted partner, guiding brands towards growth, distinction, and a lasting impact in the B2B sector.

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Why work with us?

Our reputation as a B2B branding agency isn't just built on promises; it's founded on a proven track record of success.

Proven track record

Our extensive portfolio showcases a wide array of brands from various sectors. We have worked with world-renowned brands like Porsche, Cartier, Formula 1, and Westfield. From healthcare to technology, our work reflects a deep understanding of different industries and their unique challenges. Each brand story we craft is a testament to its ability to resonate with diverse audiences and markets.

The praises satisfied clients sing offer a glimpse into our commitment to excellence. Brands collaborating with us often speak of transformative experiences, where their identity was enhanced and redefined to align with market demands and business goals.

Design Excellence

Drawing inspiration from the minimalist and elegant designs showcased in our portfolio, our design team crafts visual assets that are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically aligned. Whether it's a brand identity, product packaging or a corporate brochure, every design element is meticulously curated.

Collaborative Process

Recognising that each brand has its unique narrative, aspirations, and challenges, we ensure that our clients are not just passive recipients but active participants in the branding journey. This co-creation approach ensures that every branding project is innovative and deeply resonates with the brand's core values and vision.

From the initial consultation to the final rollout, our team works hand-in-hand with clients. This partnership approach allows for a seamless exchange of ideas, insights, and feedback, ensuring that our branding work is tailored to each client's specific needs and aspirations. It's not just about creating a brand identity; it's about crafting a brand story that truly embodies the essence of the business.

Furthermore, our bespoke services ensure that every aspect of the branding process is personalised. Whether it's a logo design, messaging strategy, or visual aesthetics, each element is meticulously designed, keeping in mind the unique nuances of the brand. This personalised touch, combined with our collaborative approach, ensures that brands stand out in the market and forge a deep connection with their target audience.

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Industry expertise: a deep dive into luxury

We stand out in the B2B branding industry for our branding acumen and our deep understanding of the luxury and affluent sector. Our brand portfolio, rich with designs that showcase elegance and sophistication, is a testament to our mastery over luxury aesthetics. From minimalist logos to sophisticated luxury website design, it is crafted to resonate with the discerning tastes of the premium audience. Beyond visuals, our strategies are tailored to tap into the aspirations and desires of luxury consumers, ensuring brands not only appeal to but also foster enduring connections.

Our deep industry insights empower brands to carve out a distinctive space, positioning ourselves as innovators and leaders. Our bespoke branding solutions, tailored to the unique demands of the luxury sector, ensure alignment with a brand's luxury positioning and its target audience.

What does our B2B agency do?

Navigating the intricate corridors of the B2B market requires more than just a keen understanding of business dynamics; it demands a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and market insight. This is where our B2B agency shines.

Holistic branding & marketing strategy

At the heart of our services is a comprehensive branding and revenue generating approach. We don't just create logos; we craft brand stories. We develop a cohesive brand identity that resonates and differentiates in the B2B landscape by understanding a brand's core values, aspirations, and target audience.

Our commitment to brands goes beyond just design and strategy.

Our team are strategists at heart. By analysing market trends, competitor activities, and consumer behaviours, we provide brands with actionable insights that drive growth and market leadership.

1-on-1 consulting

Recognising the importance of hands-on guidance and tailored solutions, we offer personalised consulting sessions with Alex Colley, the Founder & Creative Director. These sessions allow brands to delve deeper into their challenges, gain insights, and chart actionable brand strategies. Brand building always starts with good strategic planning with a consultant, and Alex ensures your B2B marketing and identity plan is right.

Brand strategy workshop

For brands looking for an immersive experience, we offer specialised brand strategy workshops. These workshops are designed to equip businesses with the tools, knowledge, and strategies you need to elevate your brand presence. Through interactive sessions, real-world examples, and expert guidance, participants walk away with a clear roadmap for their brand's journey ahead. Our proven strategy development process will help you with your brand positioning, image and messaging.

Our holistic branding & marketing strategy empowers brands with the knowledge, strategy, and tools they need to thrive in the competitive B2B market.

Digital mastery

A brand's online presence is paramount. We offer a suite of digital solutions, ensuring that brands look good and are optimised for online performance. From website design to digital marketing strategies, we ensure a seamless digital experience for our clients.

Improve messaging & identity

A brand's messaging and identity serve as its lighthouse, guiding potential clients to its shores. With its deep-rooted expertise in B2B branding, we understand the pivotal role of clear messaging and a distinct identity.

Clear & cohesive messaging

A brand's message reflects its values, mission, and vision. By delving deep into a brand's core, we craft messaging that resonates with its target audience, ensuring clarity and consistency across all touchpoints. Whether it's a tagline, a mission statement, or content for a marketing campaign, every word is chosen to align with the brand's ethos and goals.

Distinctive brand identity

Drawing inspiration from successful brands and leveraging insights from various sectors, we craft brand identities that stand out. From logos and colour palettes to typography and imagery, every design element is carefully made to ensure it aligns with the brand's messaging and appeals to its target audience. Our portfolio showcases a range of brands and is a testament to our commitment to creating unique and memorable identities.

Strategic alignment

Beyond aesthetics and words, we ensure that a brand's messaging and identity are strategically aligned with its business goals. By understanding the challenges and opportunities in the B2B landscape, we tailor our approach to position brands effectively, ensuring they look good and perform exceptionally in their respective markets.

Consistency across platforms

A brand's identity and messaging need to be consistent across various platforms. Whether it's a website, social media marketing materials, or print collateral, we make sure that brands present a unified front, reinforcing their identity and message at every touchpoint.

Our holistic approach to improved messaging and identity ensures that brands stand out and communicate their value proposition effectively, building trust and fostering lasting relationships in the B2B sector.

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Navigating the B2B landscape requires more than just a product or service; it demands a brand identity that resonates, differentiates, and communicates value.

Our deep expertise and proven track record allow us to elevate your brand to new heights. Our holistic approach, combined with a keen understanding of the B2B sector, ensures that your brand looks good and attracts the most profitable audience.

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