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Brand Messaging that stands out

We all know that person you get talking to at a party where all you are thinking is ‘what excuses can I make to escape’. The person that bores you into submission. So why do businesses make the same mistakes when writing their own website copy?

Maybe that’s a clue, some do write their own websites and they are far from being a copywriter. Developing brand messaging sounds pretty easy but distilling all the information about your business into small, digestible sound bites for most people to understand is one of the hardest aspects of building a brand. Having beautiful branding will only get you so far but your words need to connect with people to build a successful business.

Consistency in your message is key

Brand messaging is part strategy and part copywriting. You need to be clear on a brand strategy to understand what to say and to who, then it’s ensuring the copy is working as hard as it can to retain the core message, make someone pay attention all in a tone that remains consistent across your branding. Easy right?

It’s far from easy and why we have a framework to help clarify your brand strategy and your messaging. We help you understand what matters to you as a business and how to tie your messages to what excites your target audience.

You should be aiming for the person everyone in the room wants to know, not the one that puts people to sleep. What holds true in life is what should hold true in business so inspire and excite and you will attract the right people.