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MASTERS IN Visual communication

Looking for a graphic design agency?

You are definitely in the right place. We refer to ourselves as a boutique branding agency but sometimes it’s hard for people to distinguish the difference. What’s in a label anyway. Even what people call an agency we are turning on it’s head and offering a new model that embraces new ways of working and collaborating.

The practise of Graphic Design

This is how Graphic Design is defined on Wikipedia: “Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration”

Specialists in branding

So yes we do practice Graphic Design but more specifically our specialism is in branding where we work take a strategic approach to everything we design. If your struggling to grow your business and need to think about a rebrand, we know how to take businesses all the way from the start to fully executed marketing material.

Alternatively, if you have already grown your brand, we can deliver creative work like we have done for numerous global brands like Westfield, Porsche, Oakley and Formula 1.

Print and Digital

If you can print it, we can design it and we have worked across all things digital. From websites to newsletters and even apps. You can take a look at what we offer on our services page.