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A graphic design agency focused on the luxury market

Graphic design is everything we love and do at ikon. It's a fundamental part of your branding whether on or offline. In this modern age, it’s critical your imagery stands out from the competition but it’s not just pretty pictures. Design without any strategic thinking is just that, beautiful visuals with no rationale as to why that would speak to your target audience. This is why you need a graphic design agency.

Your imagery must be exceptional

Everywhere we go we get bombarded with brand imagery, whether print or digital. Magazines, billboards, your mobile, the list goes on. Most of this drifts you by in a haze, an endless scroll. This is why it’s critical that your business focuses on getting the design elements of your branding right.

Your copy and imagery must be designed to make you rise above the noise, and there is a lot of noise out there. Regardless if you’re a startup, established business or global brand we can help. Your customers will make snap judgements within 3-5 seconds so you need to ensure it's the right one.

Take your website for example, it may look stunning but if it’s confusing and positions you to the wrong audience, your audience will go elsewhere. It’s why we are more than a graphic design company, we pair graphic design with exceptional strategic thinking.

An agency with graphic design at the core

We are a boutique branding design agency of the future and we specialise in branding. Take the direct translation of what graphic design is:

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.”

All the essential elements needed to create your visual identity to build your brand.

We apply thinking to our design by listening to you, your company and your customers. Not some random ideas that happen to be on trend at the time. A strategic approach ensures we get your positioning right. But also create consistency across all your marketing.

Both of these factors are even more critical with the pace technology is developing. It means we are constantly having to evolve for new platforms and opportunities. That said, it’s an exciting time for graphic design industry. We aim to keep your imagery delivering the greatest impact, no matter where you need it.

A personal approach

Being a boutique branding & creative agency, we have a personal approach. Our Creative Director, Alex Colley, will be your main contact every step of the way. You will definitely not feel like another cog in the wheel.

We place an emphasis on being flexible so we can respond quickly. We appreciate last minute changes may arise during a project and it's not about charging for every last one.

We have this flexibility because we work with some of the best creatives around. By building teams around each project we keep your money on you. Not massive overheads like rare koi carp in our gold tinted office fish tank. More efficiency and impact for you.

Sound like the right fit and want to speak with Alex directly? You can reach him on 07796146177 or alex@ikon.london.

Collaboration is key

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of you in every step of this process. Even before looking at the creative, we do our research but we need to know what makes you and your customers tick. We aren't at all like other design agency or graphic design monthly subscription services. We care about your brand's identity and messaging. For us, there’s only one real way we can get this. From you. Afterall, it’s your brand and you live and breathe everything about it, so it shouldn’t be any other way.

Exquisite in craft

So there you have it. The three pillars to our approach to graphic design. Strategic in thought, exquisite in craft and you. So get in touch and let’s discuss what you need and how we can help.

With graphic design having such a big impact on your branding, it has to be seen as an investment, not an expense. Don’t lose out to the competition because they will be making sure they get it right.

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