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A brand development agency to focus your business for growth

Your business never stops. And neither should your brand. Even when you sleep, your brand should be working hard for you. With the right brand development agency, you can be sure that you have the strategies and solutions in place to continually maximise your potential and ensure your brand, and business strives forwards.

Personalisation is critical. At ikon, we develop your branding with your ambitions, beliefs and vision at the heart of the strategy. Our hand-picked team of core creatives, alongside support from an experienced extended network, mean you have a creative talent pool at your disposal. A tailored approach that works as an extension of your business and we understand what is takes to position you to succeed.

Note: If you would like some brand development assistance from a luxury branding and creative agency, speak with ikon. We can help you build a unique brand identity that emotionally connects with your audience.

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Tailor-made to you

Whatever stage your business is at, our brand development agency can deliver tailor-made solutions that resonate. Whether you are launching your brand, or a new product or service, we can articulate your vision into a compelling identity that cuts through the competition and puts your brand top of mind.

Ready to scale-up your branding? Our creative experts led by Creative Director, Alex Colley, are on-hand to create an effective brand strategy in-line with your business objectives. Our strength is aligning your leadership and your target audience around the right narrative creating belief in your brand and what you stand for.

Success stems from a solid strategy

While many brand development agencies will over-promise to their clients and deliver the same run-of-the-mill strategies that make no significant impact, we do things differently. With decades in the industry within our team, we have mastered our craft and know that unique, personalised and hand-crafted strategies are what deliver the success for our clients.

We know we are not the largest brand development agency, but our focus on taking the time to think, test and re-iterate is what has attracted high calibre clients from all over the world.

To achieve results, we dig deep with every project. We want you to grow and when it comes to your branding so knowledge is power. We’ll want to know everything about you and your business which then informs a highly detailed research and analysis stage to ensure we can position your brand where you want it to be.

Core concepts

Brand development relies on several core concepts that remain at the heart of every strategy. These include:

Identity – Your brand deserves to have ‘renowned’ status. By creating your brand identity with attention to detail, we make sure your brand is presented in compelling way to stick in the mind and boost brand awareness.

Connection – Emotions are the essential trigger that links your brand to its audience. With the emotive ties in place, your brand builds something stronger than logic itself. Understanding your audience on the deepest level means you aid the creation of customer loyalty and you strengthen an emotive affinity to your brand.

Uniqueness – You know your brand is unique, but your audience may need convincing. When developing a brand strategy, we’ll focus on difference. With compelling reasons, style and substance, your uniqueness can shine through.

Worth – It goes without saying that your brand development strategy must centre around the value proposition that your business offers. With our expertise in brand development, we know exactly how to showcase the worth of your brand and the value it provides to your audience.

Precision – Your brand development focuses on combining the tangible and the intangible. From the deep-rooted philosophy of your brand and its people to the goals, targets and achievements of your brand, precision is vital for harmonious and transformational results.

Outside insights

Running your business will invariably bring challenges and difficulties, and often it can be challenging to see the wood for the trees. In some instances, taking a step back to gain distance is the only way to obtain a clear insight and strategy to proceed. Brand development can be similar, and often it takes advice from the experts to give you the outside insights that deliver perspective.

While we always aim to form a close working relationship with every business we collaborate with, we also have the benefit of an viewing your business from a fresh perspective. This can help add ideas to your brand strategy you never thought of and ensure it has meaning and purpose.

Your brand needs resilience, persistence and adaptability, and with this in mind, thinking outside of the box and the brand for solutions can be the secret to success. At ikon, the brand development agency, we’ll ensure you have a carefully selected team, all of which have the experience, knowledge and skill to develop your brand away from what it has always done.

Merging strategy with identity

When you’re looking for a brand development agency, you need the whole package to really drive your brand forward. From our initial research to the creation of brand identity and strategy, we continue to support your business after implementation.

Whether it’s the blank canvas or a new leaf in your brand’s book, we have the principles, philosophy and drive to create and execute branding to the best of our potential. With over 12 years of successful branding behind us, complete with noteworthy projects and impressive clientele, we deliver the whole package.

Your next brand development agency?

Investing in your brand can be a huge undertaking. A bigger undertaking which is what we see a lot of is trying to fix a strategy when you realise a superficial redesign has fallen flat. We worked with a Leadership Consultancy that saw a 100% ROI within their first year of trading. Done right, a brand strategy can pay off for many years to come.

We are a boutique branding agency that knows no boundaries and are ready to help brands with boundless potential.

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