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Why Brand Identity is so important.

Brand Identity is at the heart of everything we do at ikon. We believe in the power of design to transform businesses for the better and it all starts with a strong identity.

Take for instance, going to a job interview. You wouldn’t scrimp and save and go in a tracksuit would you? Why would you treat your business any different? With so much competition in virtually every market you enter, the difference between you and your competitor could boil down to your how you present yourself.

As with the interview, you may have lost the job before you even open your mouth as a large portion of communication is non-verbal. The same applies to business, you have 2-3 seconds of someone landing on your website for them to form an opinion of you. A strong brand identity builds trust, communicates on a subliminal level and defines whether someone will even be open to doing business with you.

Building your brand

Whether you are a brand, in the B2C or B2B world, you always need to think of yourselves as a brand. More recently individuals are thinking of themselves as a brand.

Why? Perception. The way a buying process works is always based on how the purchase makes you feel otherwise it’s a price comparison and that’s a race to the bottom. Your brand identity is the visual aspect of your company that is expressed through imagery, typography and colour.

Brand Identity is important. Combine this with a brand strategy and this will ensure the messages you are using are working in harmony with how you present yourself visually.