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A boutique branding agency

for exceptional businesses. Strategic in approach. Exquisite in craft.
Boutique Branding Agency in London

An agency tailored to you

Bespoke, creative, expert teams are the future. It’s why ikon is different, we have a core team which expands to suit every project.

Personal service

We make it simple for you - One contact, one talented team. It’s not by accident our Creative Director, Alex Colley is leading you at every stage. An experienced creative on hand for advice and guidance throughout.

We believe business is all about relationships and it’s why we remain small. You should expect the best and it's our personal approach that has built a great reputation. You are not just another name on the client list.

Bespoke team

Every client and every project is different. It's why we have a core team that expands to suit your needs. Selected because they are among the best in their specialism – not simply because it suits an agency work roster.

A key reason our current clients work with us is the response time. Being a boutique agency means our turnaround can be quicker than bigger agencies who may have to go through multiple levels before sign off.

Focus on quality

Remaining small and agile means lower overheads than bigger agencies. For you this means more time spent on the creative work. It also means we work with some of the best.

One common complaint we hear is being pitched to by a senior team only to discover you are passed off to the juniors for delivery. We put the focus on quality and creativity so this would never happen.


So many businesses are failing to effectively communicate what they do meaning customers are looking elsewhere. We exist to change that –

clarifying your message

with simplicity and elegance.

How we help you differentiate

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New Identity

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We make you stand out, create consistency & get noticed.

Identity & Strategy

As a branding agency, our main strength is creating and re-imagining brand identities. We distill your thoughts and vision into imagery and words and that means being strategic.

Sometimes the only way to get to the core of what you do is to create a whole new brand strategy. Other times it’s turning your vision into a thing of beauty. But always with a strategic approach.

Print Design

In this digital age, a beautifully executed piece of print can have such a tangible and emotional impact. It’s an opportunity to be creative with papers and finishes and what makes print make such an impact.

From design to print a lot can go wrong and we understand the intricacies of producing stunning books, brochures and other printed material. The Queen has even received our work.

Websites & Digital

Anyone can design you a website, you are spoilt for choice. Where we are different is that we pay very close attention to the verbal as well as the visual. We see it so often, an over-reliance on beautiful imagery.

Visuals alone, are not enough. We help you express how you are different as well as showing how exceptional you are. This is essential across your digital presence and will make you rise above the noise.

Built on reputation

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“I would highly recommend ikon to anyone looking for talent, creativity, drive, attention to detail and with a focus on result.”

Myf Ryan | CMO Westfield UK & Europe


Startup or established. Near or far. We partner with the bold and the brave, those who push boundaries.

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Our thoughts

Words create meaning

so it's important you understand how we think as well as how we help you cut through the clutter.

We discuss how you can use branding to stand out, how using brand strategy gives startups the best chance to be in the 10% that do succeed.

If you are in property, how lessons from luxury brands can help sell an aspirational lifestyle and finally how thinking small when you consider your branding agency could be the best decision you make.

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